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WanaCryptor Ransomware Attack
Posted by Ruhi S on 16 May 2017 04:07 PM

This is a quick post about the WanaCryptor ransomware wreaking havoc on many networks across the world this weekend. With all the news coverage, most of you already know the trouble caused by it.

Once executed on a system, it will use the RSA and AES cryptographic algorithms to encrypt files before demanding payment in exchange for a key necessary to recover those files.

Thus we decided to make a awareness about it ,kindly follow these steps to avoiding getting hacked,

1.Do not open an unknown email
2.Do not download files from an unknown email
3.Do not click files from an unknown email
4.Avoid visiting malicious sites
5.Do not download software and apps from a third-party 
6.Show hidden file extensions
7.Keep your system updates
8.Make sure you are using a reputable security suite
9.Back up your data
10.Use System Restore to get back to a known-clean state

What should Microsoft users do?

Windows is the most affected operating system in this cyber attack since WannaCry exploits a security flaw in SMB within Windows. The users can simply disable SMB to prevent against WannaCry attacks.

Microsoft has also taken the matter seriously and released an update earlier today which detects this threat as Ransom: Win32/WannaCrypt. However, one user on Imgur compiled a “direct download” list of all the patches released by Microsoft.

Patch for latest version of windows - Link

Patch for unsupported version of windows - Link

For more information visit Microsoft’s blog post on the WanaCry attack, apply patch asap and kudos to the security researchers who are spending all their time to protect users against WannaCry attack.


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